utvil kling sang

Welcome to the world of Útvil Kling Sang. Welcome to his archive. Creating folders, files and making records of all kinds he is becoming a librarian himself, thus confirming his own death.

photo Vlado Sirota

photo Vlado Sirota

The time has come to summarize. That’s what he’s always been afraid of. It’s become unsustainable. But such is the reality. The future and his dreams will not be recorded on these pages. Just the melancholy of documentation of the past and the narcistic temptation to self-representation. He will curb the aspect of the birth of the work of art he loves so much.

It´s all so sad. Horible.

But this archive is also a resting place for him and all of those who cooperate with him – friends, musicians, visual artists, writers, poets. They´re based in many different countries, but mostly in Slovakia. The number is so vast that he will spend a half of his life just with collecting and publishing his works. That´s what he´s been always afraid of. That is the death.

Now it´s all clear. Welcome.